I'm Claudia Juliet

Hey there,

I'm a Belgian freedompreneur living in the south of Spain, where I finally realized my dream of a life in the sun, with an online business that brings freedom and worklife balance.

I'm passionate about nature, health and wellbeing and creating recurring income streams.


Loving life,
rejuvenating walks,
to free up time,
interesting stories, 
unleasing your superpower,
changing beliefs;
vibrant health;
joy, happiness, fun
feeling alive,
amazing experiences,
what if nothing is impossible?


Unhealthy comparison,
bandaid fixes,
superficial talk,
the word "caveat",
that hustle game,
stuck in fear,
glass half empty,
by the rules (yuck),
denying yourself the good stuff.

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Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

changed my life!

a game changer

Belief Change Practitioner

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what i bring to the table

what clients say about working with claudia

Here's what Farah said

Claudia was simply fantastic, she made the session fun and kept me moving forward all the time. She was attentive to my questions filling me with hope and possibility that everything was achievable. Claudia explained every step of the process in such a simple and easy to understand way that made me see it as if I was doing it already. She kept me motivated and supported throughout by saying don’t worry about that I will take you through it.
Claudia has a true gift of explaining processes which could be boring but she breaks it down in powerful yet simple steps making it so easy to follow. She is so invested in your project and excited for your progress. I felt so supported in a way like I have never before.
Claudia’s love and passion to see you succeed simply oozes out of her. It is quite an incredible experience to be coached by Claudia.

Thank you my lovely 💕🙏🏽

private coaching

from overwhelmed and stuck to overview, clarity and an offer to sell

Here's what Monika said

I had a one hour session with Claudia and I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.
The reason why I went to Claudia was because I wanted to know how I could use affirmations to make me feel good. I’m quite a confident person but when it comes to being more visible in my business I shy away.
Working with Claudia really helped. She was easy to talk to and made the whole session a fun experience. At first I did feel out of my comfort zone but she soon made me relax and by the end I was laughing and could feel the shift in me.
She really brought out my confidence by showing me techniques I can use whenever and wherever I need to and also how I can make my affirmations seem more real to me. The next day I felt the shift even more and I started going Live on social media and did it 5 days in a row. Now I don’t feel shy to show up, I just show up.
I would definitely recommend Claudia. This all happened with just one session. I know working with her for a longer time will make such a huge difference in my life.


she really brought out my confidence!  i started going live on social media and did it 5 days in a row.