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 Turn the knowledge and skills you already have into a freedom-based
Virtual Assistant business you love.
- with no overwhelm -

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to your new career!

do i have enough skills?

You're wondering if you even have the skills to work as a Virtual Assistant.  And you're not in your 20s anymore and wonder... can I do this?

you're unclear on how to start...

You've been Googling 'how to start as a VA' but omg, the information overload is exhausting.  This is leading nowhere. 

will someone just tell me how in simple steps!

You found some courses but you don't want to spend the next year learning.  You're ready to dive in.  And you want a SIMPLE solution on how to get started that takes you step-by-step through a roadmap that actually works! (and without spending thousands of $$$)

how many of these are spot on?

No complicated overly techie year long program.
That's not what you want now.
You want to take action, dive into this new career with a simple setup and start making extra income asap.

Say Hello to Virtual Assisting made simple!

You work with clients you absolutely LOVE, doing what you absolutely love.

You CHOOSE how, when and where: from your sofa, in yoga pants, from a coffee shop overlooking the ocean, in the kitchen...

You have the FREEDOM to work on a schedule that works for you.  You create your own hours. Yay.

You charge way MORE than the disappointing pay you had for working too many hours.

You can spend more TIME with your family and live your dream life, have long weekends, travel..

i need this!

Just imagine a few weeks from now......

does this sound like a big yes?

“I never realized how "easy" starting up as a Virtual Assistant could be.”

Before joining this program, I thought it would be impossible to set up my own business as a VA because I currently have a full time job.  Also, I had no idea where to even begin! 

Claudia is very knowledgeable and I thought her program was perfect for someone like me who wanted to start creating a business but didn't know where to start. 

- jylian -
Happy graduate and virtual assistant

This could be you....


Your step-by-step freedom business builder roadmap to Start your virtual assistant business,
 With no experience or certification needed!

The VA Quick Start is my proven step-by-step roadmap that works!
It's the method I used myself when I was getting out of a severe burnout flare-up and still struggling with brainfog, feeling so tired all the time. 
It's what my students use, even when still working a full time job & taking care of the kids.

There's an easier way and I found it.

If we can, so can you! 

Excited to go on a journey of fun and creation?

You're guided step-by-step all the way.

You start at the very beginning, discover your skills and say 'wow', I do have them. (and more than I thought)

You go at your own pace, as it fits your life.  We're creating a freedom-based business, right!

You feel encouraged, motivated and confident, because you know each step is taking you closer to launching your business!

And then you reach the end of module 10 and we celebrate!  Yay, you're opening the doors to your VA Biz and share it with the world!!!
Cue the confetti and enjoy this amazing feeling!

Want a Sneek peak inside
the VA Quick Start Program?

yes! i'm ready to start!

What you get:

Your complete business-builder roadmap taking you through my step-by-step process in simple, small, actionable steps.

yes i need this!

Click-by-click tutorials to finally set up without the overwhelm.

Learn the exact tools I use myself and recommend, so you can start on a budget.

Instant access to all VA QuickStart modules. Progress at your own pace.

Lifetime access to the program and future updates

A super fun and encouraging course platform to stay motivated, so you keep coming back and enjoy it. (coz creating a business can be fun too)

A proven plan that works.

Worksheets, templates, frameworks and more with lots of examples, taking the guesswork out of it. (no empty journaling prompts here)

The VA Quick Start

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I know how to help you!

Waking up being paid upfront for the upcoming month.  What a great way to start your day!

Knowing exactly what to do and be able to work on a schedule that works for you and your family.  

Realizing that if you want to earn more, work less, travel or fill in your dream, you have a business that allows you to do it!

say no more!  i'm in!

say no more!  i'm in!

I knew that you would always be there to get my questions answered. you even supported me, when I was not able to build my course. You have a freaking good course which lots of people will benefit from!

"The program helped me become more focused, taking the fear away about technical things."

You are so lovely and supportive! 

This could be you....

 I really like how Claudia has everything outlined, step by step.  It was so nice knowing that I had someone to run ideas by and to help guide me through this process.  Having that expertise from someone who has done it before was a big time saver.

The program is Fantastic! 

"The program is Fantastic!"

I had no idea where to even begin! 

I immediately realized her program was different - she did not tell me what to do, instead, she showed me exactly HOW to do it.  
Before we started, I felt stuck. I quickly got a scalable structure and an offer in place.   The friendly support and very practical approach stand out from other programs.

"6 weeks with Claudia got me where I couldn’t go on my own for 12 months."

she showed me exactly HOW to do it


My Mission

“Create the best online Academy
at an affordable price
to help you
 Create a freedom based business you can run in 4 hours a day,
From home or anywhere,
so you have enough free time to enjoy your life too!"

“Create the best online Academy
- at an affordable price & with personal support -
and help 10000 people
create a freedom based business doing something they absolutely love!
and get amazing results!”
- Without The Overwhelm -