3 reasons why you’re not seeing the results you want in your coaching business. And how to get out of the funk.

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If you’re not seeing the results you want in your coaching business, here are 3 reasons why.  Trying to start online has been taking forever.  You’re doing all the things, creating, writing, posting, and yet… it’s just not happening for you.  You’ve been looking into creating a website, so clients can find you, or you have a website, but no clear message or offer.

More times than you want, you feel like you’re running in place while everyone else is moving forward.  You’re frustrated that you’re no further ahead, even though you should.

You should be getting clients regularly, working less, and enjoying your life more.  Money should no longer be a worry and let’s face it, by now you would have expected things to be a lot more easy and fun.  And they’re not.  It’s hard, it’s frustrating but since you’re not quitting on your big dream, you keep going.  

However, doing more of the same isn’t going to get you any closer to what you want.

Maybe you can’t pinpoint what exactly is wrong, but you’ve known for a while now that something just feels … off.  And you’re fed up with it.

You want to move forward and see your dream become reality like yesterday.

And you’re trying to figure out why it’s not happening.


Here’s why it’s not happening.

There are many reasons, and today I want to talk about these three common ones and how you get out of the funk.


As humans, we are social beings.  Even the most introverted person needs some connection from time to time.  To feel our best, we need some degree of interaction with others.  

Whether it’s a Zoom call with a coach or a phone call or text with a friend, interacting on social or simply going outside and saying hi to your neighbor, connecting with others helps you feel better.  And when that need is met, you get out of your funk, start fresh and be more creative and productive. (but you still need a plan, keep reading)



You’ve been trying to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur or to profitable entrepreneur and it’s been hard.  There are days it feels like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back.  You spend hours a day in front of your pc, working hard, just like you did as an employee.  

And you still do.  But no matter your hard work, results are barely noticeable.  And they’re certainly not bringing in clients consistently.

What if you stopped working harder and started working smarter?  When you work smart, you have a plan and strategy in place, you know exactly what to do and you know what results you can expect.  Rather than being busy, doing a lot, throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it will stick somehow.  

What if you started working as a liberated entrepreneur?



Whether you realize it or not, you are most likely trying to build your house on quicksand.  You simply do not have a solid foundation for your business.  

What you do have is a big dream, a vision, and a deep longing to help people.  

You also have the drive to make it happen.

But what you do not have is clarity, a strategy or a structure. 

So all the time and effort you put in and all the work you do, just disappears into thin air.  

  • Is it clear what you do, who you help and what you offer?
  • Do you even have an offer ready to sell?
  • Can a client find you and your offer somewhere online and sign up for it then and there? 


Honestly, most coaches, healers, practitioners, and aspiring course creators I meet are in that place.  They have a big heart, a big dream, they’re great at what they do.  But in spite of their best efforts, they’re the best-kept secret in the world.  They can help anyone with anything and bring amazing transformation, but clients come in by chance instead of by plan.  They keep trading hours for money, burn through their savings, and are burning themselves out in the process.  Their freedom-based business is further away than ever.


What else is possible?

What if instead, you could be running your freedom-based online business, with a clear offer in place and a step-by-step strategy to grow your business to the next level?  Imagine what your life would look like if you could replace your last salary or double your current income.

Are you ready to shift from Tired DIYer to a truly freedompreneur?

If you’re looking for a step-by-step process that teaches you exactly HOW and helps you to create your signature offer, set up your automation and systems, and develop a client attraction plan, you’re in the right place.

Once you’ve got your business foundations in place, you’re ready to expand.  But it starts with getting your foundations in order.

You don’t have to do it alone!

You’re a solopreneur, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone!  Not anymore, that is.

It’s ok to admit you’re not supergirl, nor do you have to be.  Despite what you may have been led to believe, you are allowed to ask for help.

Since you’re trying to do something you’re not good at, how about handing this over to someone who loves it?  You could get help from one of my virtual assistant alumni, who would be thrilled to help you with all those tasks you’re simply not good at.  Imagine how many hours you’d free up in a week if a VA could take this off your plate!

On the other hand, you could surround yourself with a group of like-minded freedompreneurs on the same path.  You could learn how to do it more efficiently, add in time-saving tools and softwares and free up time that way.

To put it another way, being a solopreneur can be a lot more fun if you feel supported!

Let’s get you that support right away!

Download the Freedom Business Starter Kit here to start brainstorming how to make it happen.  Ready for action?  Check out my signature program Freedom Business Creators here.

P.S. Can’t wait to help you create a truly freedom-based business you absolutely love!

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