Why Inner Disconnect Is Keeping You From Creating The Life You Want

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Creating a better life for yourself may seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.  If you want things to change in your relationships, job, business, health, wellbeing or happiness, but you find yourself stuck and overwhelmed, get ready to learn why.  Let my own journey of starting my online business and staying stuck no matter my best efforts, inspire you to realize it’s not your fault (and you can get unstuck, no matter the topic). 

When I decided to start an online business back in 2017, I encountered a couple of struggles, some of which I figured out rather easily, others became big mountains to cross.

#1 – Starting a business abroad.

Not a huge deal, you’d think, but it was a pickle.  I love living here in Spain, but finding an accountant was a struggle.  And finding an accountant who could advise me on matters related to an online coaching business, that’s more like finding a needle in a haystack.

I live in an expat area, where income comes from tourism and selling real estate.  Not coaching.  And certainly not online coaching.  Coaching as such is still very new in Spain, compared to other countries.  But I figured it out.  So far, so good.

Why?  Because deep down, I believed I could.

#2 – Set up online and learn online marketing. 

This one seemed like a piece of cake, but OMG, it wasn’t.  I had been self-employed before, so that wasn’t the scary part.  I got my VAT number in 1998, and sold MLM, products, and services for many years, next to my full-time job. Then, when my health (burnout and beyond) made me pause and evaluate my life, I decided to follow my dream and become a coach and I specialize in transformational work and rewiring the brain to get results fast.  Just like you and my clients, I was great at what I did and I loved it, …

But the online part, learning this new skill that’s called ‘online marketing’ and getting noticed online, that piece was uncharted territory.  I simply couldn’t figure it out on my own and I hired help, lots of help.  All sorts of business coaches, courses, mentors and none of them could get me past start.

Why?  Because deep down, I didn’t believe it.

#3 – The search for clarity and the multi-passionate rabbit hole.

When I started, I was crystal clear on my niche: help people with burnout and chronic health issues to reclaim their health and start an online coaching business.  Easy peasy, just teaching my own journey.

Or was it?

Here’s what happened instead:

  • I’ve had four URLs (I learned from all the mistakes).
  • 10 or more niches (does multi-passionate ring a bell?  I was unable to just pick one and stick with it, until I finally figured it out, keep reading).
  • 5 complete new website designs (I love designing but still).
  • I went through massive growth experiences (if I had invested in Kleenex boxes, I would have made a fortune).

Very unexpectedly, it’s been the self-development journey of a lifetime, both in mindset and biz and discovering who I really am! 

Now, I can honestly say that starting my online business is one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made!

From Excitement To Stuck In My Online Business Creation Journey

As I mentioned before, I started out all excited, energized and motivated.  I was ready to go!  Not a doubt in my mind.  But the more I learned, the more my head got filled with marketing techniques, rules and the influence, doubts, insecurities, stories, failures, and more of other starting entrepreneurs, the worse it got.

No matter how hard I tried, pushed through, shifted and pivoted, it only went downhill, and the initial excitement and fun turned into a struggle, overwhelm, and I got stuck.  Really stuck.

Just like the clients that work with me now, I had so many questions:

  • How do I set up my back-office systems? How do I get clients? 
  • Why do I get overwhelmed and how do I get rid of it? 
  • What am I doing wrong?   I see half of the group succeed, yet I’m staying stuck with the others, no matter my knowledge and efforts. 
  • All of a sudden I feel too self-conscious to post or go live.
  • I’m already so tired and overworked, do I really have to spend hours on social media? (I would much rather coach and teach instead)

I tried to do it the normal way

I tried to do it the way all my coaches and courses were telling me to and I got nowhere. 

I kept signing up for more courses, hoping someone would be able to reveal the secret to me and I got nowhere.

Unfortunately, what I got was more of the same: tired, stuck, and overwhelmed. 

On top of that, my body started warning me again: do something different or I’ll amp up the warnings.  Do you recognize the warnings like headache, brain fog, fear, stress, fatigue, crying spells, losing confidence, and doubting every decision to just name a few?  Do you have a habit of ignoring them and pushing through?  If so, stop it, there’s another way.

From Stuck To Creating An Online Business The Aligned Way

Stuck and overwhelmed is a place you can dwell in for a long time, I certainly did.  Until I figured it out: my unique nature needed her own tailor-made system.  That’s why the mainstream ways didn’t work for me the way they were taught!  And with this aha, all the puzzle pieces started falling into place.  I took the essence from everything that I had learned, researched, and experienced and turned it into a system that worked for me.  

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur system was born:

  • Design your business around you as a person, how your brain is wired, and your lifestyle.
  • Work with clients who are excited to work with you. 
  • Wake up excited and well-rested, be clear and know exactly what to do, work from flow. 
  • Create and connect in an authentic, heart-centered way. 
  • In short: infuse your communication and offers with your special sauce and it creates magic!  

Marketing with heart and soul is easy.  

Yet, even with my personal recipe for success, I still stayed stuck.

How is it possible that I had the knowledge, the skills, cleverness, a system I had written for me and the lifestyle I wanted and I still got nowhere?  All I got was total overwhelm, losing confidence with every week that went by and I found myself starting over, again and again.  

I wasn’t alone to go down that path.  Hundreds of others ended up in the same place.

And even with all my knowledge and skills, coaching, counseling, Havening, Beliefs Change and much more training, I felt so powerless and frustrated.  How is it possible I couldn’t make it happen?

There had to be something I wasn’t seeing.  Some piece of the puzzle that would tie it all together.

There was.  It’s what I call the Inner Disconnect.

It’s the root cause of why, like me, you don’t get what you want.

It’s the essence of what I help my clients with on their journey of personal transformation.

First the inside.  Then the outside.  

When there’s a match, you get what you want.

Not the other way around.

And that’s exactly what I had been doing, trying all the things, doing all the things when my inside was still catching up.  Or to be more accurate, it was decades behind.

No wonder success didn’t come.  I tried all the things and kept ending up in the same place, or worse.  I was frustrated that a month, six months, a year had passed by and in spite of all my efforts, I had nothing to show for.  I was not one step closer to creating and having what I wanted.

Until I figured it out.  My inside needed to catch up with my dream, my vision.  You simply can’t create what isn’t there already on the inside.  In you, in your mind, your vision, in who you are and how you are, think, believe, act, behave.

First, it’s got to be there on the inside, then you can create it on the outside.

And if you think, you know what, I can do this on my own, I’ve got news for you… You can’t.  (Yes, I tried to do it on my own too, being the rebel that I can be sometimes).  Why?  Because you need someone who’s been down the road and is on the other side to hold that space for you and guide you through it.  You don’t know what you don’t know, so how could you create what you don’t know?  It’s like baking an apple pie as a baby, you’re not there yet and you first need to go through the learning and growth journey.

Ready To Create The Life You Want?

What does the life you want look and feel like?

  • Better relationship with yourself or others?
  • More confidence and self-esteem?
  • The courage to stand up for yourself and set boundaries, as simple as saying no once in a while.
  • Going for that promotion you’ve been dreaming of, but never dared to apply for or wasn’t considered good enough for because you don’t speak up?
  • Go for a new job or career altogether?
  • Break the money struggle cycle and change your relationship with money so money becomes an abundance that flows to you easily?
  • Show up in your business as the confident, self-empowered woman who’s no longer hesitant to be visible, go live or take a stand?
  • Dare to charge your worth, raise your prices, claim and own your spot as the expert you are?
  • …  What’s your thing that needs change?

If you’re realizing by now that creating what you want will require more than hoping or writing affirmations, download the Freedom Business Starter Kit here to start brainstorming how to make it happen.  Ready for action?  Check out my signature program Freedom Business Creators here.

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