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Easily DIY Your Coaching Business to More Freedom

work less     feel great    live more

Wouldn't you love a more sustainable business that keeps bringing in income, even when you're not working?

Let's turn your overbooked practice into a low maintenance online business, you can manage in a few hours a day, from home or anywhere.🌴

Are you done with being fully booked with 1-1 calls or earning by the hour?  Do you want to work less and still make a full-time income or better?

I have 3 questions for you...

Do you want to repurpose what you've learned, created and coached on for so many years into an online course you can sell on autopilot?

Do you want to be able to take more time off, travel, spend time with your loved ones, exercise, or take care of your health?

Does this sound like what you've been looking for?




Hi, I'm Claudia

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Free Masterclass

From Fully Booked Calendar to Your Passive Income Plan B

In this masterclass / workshop, you'll learn how to:

  • Transition from a fully booked calendar to a flexible part-time schedule.
  • Package your expertise and experience into an online course that brings in passive income.
  • Earn a predictable full-time income through a freedom based business model, you can run in your spare time.
  • Keep your business running even when you take time off.
  • Work in a way that fits the lifestyle you want or need (perfect for (tired) coaches, introverts and low energy freedom seekers).

Here are more 3 ways to get started:

Hi, I'm Claudia,

Hi, I'm Claudia, a Belgian expat living in sunny Spain. Passionate about healthy Mediterranean living, and an almost passive income based freedom business that makes it all possible.

A few years ago, I thought there had to be a better way than working all day, endless to-do lists, and an exhausting fully packed schedule.  I wanted and needed to take time off.  But if not working meant no income, I was reluctant to do so...

So I figured out a way to make your business, smart tools and website do a lot of the work for you.  Enter: the Freedom Based Business, you can run in 4 hours a day!

Now, I teach others how they can do this too.  I excel in creating simple, step-by-step, and easy to understand roadmaps, so students can make it happen even if they are not a tech wiz, busy, overwhelmed or tired.

In short

  • You love what you do but it's getting boring to repeat the same thing over and over...
  • You'd like to help more people and make a bigger impact but you're already maxed out on time and energy.
  • You're fed up being stuck in your office, practice or to your screen all day.
  • You've been Googling 'how to make passive income' but wonder how to make it work for your business.
  • You've reached a point where you want your life to be more balanced.  Right now, the scales are heavily tipping over to work.
  • You want to work less, whether that's a 20 hour part-time or 3 days a week but require a full-time income.

Is this you?

and you're ready to make this a reality asap

  • Create a freedom based online business you can run from home or anywhere, so you can keep making income, whether you're working or not.
  • Use tools, automations and time savers so your website and systems do a lot of the work for you.  (and you don't have to).
  • Add in a client attraction system that runs on autopilot and only needs minimal input from you.
  • Reduce the day to day work so you can run your business in as few hours as possible, like a part-time.
  • Add longevity and ease to your business, so you're still in business if you take 3 weeks off.
  • It's time to have your automated income plan B up and running, so your business keeps making income, anywhere, any time!

you need this

Then it's time to turn your exhausting biz into a portable, low maintenance online business you'll enjoy again!

  • You are finally off the clock.  You have an online course that runs on autopilot.  This means that after the sale, you don't have to show up, unless you want to.
  • You have a client attraction and connection system that attracts clients to your website on autopilot.  This means no more social media posts and reels, unless you want to.
  • You have a low-maintenance business, you can run from home or anywhere.🌴This means you can work on a schedule that works for you, take time off and enjoy your life now.

Does this sound great or what?

let me show you how

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Get started: the Freedom biz kickstart kit

Discover how to build a freedom business, you can run in 4 hours a day, from home or anywhere.🌴

A practical kickstart kit to bring you insights, clarity on what you can offer, techie stuff essentials and first steps to get started today!

👉 Get instant access to the step-by-step workbook and checklist!

Free resource

client love

Anna Nordengren

Executive Coach and Advisor

"6 weeks with Claudia got me where I couldn’t go on my own for 12 months."

"Like many others, during the pandemic, I decided to take my coaching business online.  I worked so many hours, and yet I hardly had time for my existing clients. I was feeling stuck, overwhelmed and very tired.  I immediately realized her program was different - she did not tell me what to do, instead she showed me exactly HOW to do it."

This could be you....

happy graduate > check the program here

I recommend Claudia's course for the easiness on how her course is build up and how to understand it.  It is clear and structured and supported.  Your clarity inside your videos on how to do things and short videos i liked a lot. 

You have a freaking good course which lots of people will benefit from!

"The program helped me become more focused, taking the fear away about technical things."

"You have a freaking good course!"

This could be you....

 I really like how Claudia has everything outlined in the Academy, step by step, to help guide you through the process.   It was so nice knowing that I had someone to run ideas by and to help guide me.

"Having that expertise from someone who has done it before was a big time saver."

The program is Fantastic! 

The course is brilliant as its divided up into modules where you work through them one at a time. The layout is easy to navigate around.

If you are unsure on how to set up your course, Claudia will be able to help you for sure.
I had no idea a course could be set up like it has the way the Kickstart program takes you through it. Its amazing when you get to test it yourself and the 'behind' things actually come together.

"In one word: Clarity!"



Anni - Health Coach
kickstart student

Jylian - Said goodbye to her job
Now thriving in her VA business

Lena - Clarity and Intuitive Coach
Created an awesome course

graduate of VA Quick start
check it out here


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